Is your website courting anyone? (Part 2)

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To review the opening remarks from last time: Dating is serious business. Someone has caught your eye and you want to impress them. Unless you’re a bit of a scoundrel, the goal of dating is to pursue a relationship. It’s an exciting experience which opens the door for many other enjoyments in life. Let’s look at what is (or what should be) a second parallel of three between your dating life and the way your organization interacts online.

2. Communicate and Interact

Have you ever been with a date who was boring? Chances are that a second meeting didn’t happen. Interest is generated through communication; it’s always awkward when you spend an evening having a one way conversation.

This is an apt metaphor regarding webpage design. A webpage should be more than a presentation of facts. Boring. Nowadays, people want to be drawn into a website and they want to know about you. In essence, you are being courted. Viewers need to be able to interact with your site in a way which makes them want to dig deeper.

This topic has somewhat covered in previous blogs, but there are many ways to communicate with your website. Information about what your organization’s mission and vision are a good place to start. What you can do is important, but people also want to know who you are. Photos of key personnel, videos, and other tools are prime samples of ways to keep people interested.

Oh, and make sure you display contact information in an obvious location. How else will they call you back?

Stay tuned for part 3 of 3.