Using your website as a living, dynamic tool

Nowadays we're almost always on the web.  Many of our new gadgets are attached to the web in some form or fashion, and for many of us it's easier to be contacted via e-mail than it is over the phone.  Websites have become one of the top tools for organizations to use to promote or manage their business.  The problem that many organizations have, though, is that their site quickly becomes stale or it becomes a burden to those using it.  Here let's look at ways we can make a site more of a living entity that helps, rather than holds back, an organization from meeting its goals.

Keep Content Up To Date

One of the quickest things that will turn a user off towards a site is when they realize the information they are looking at is from 2 years ago, or even only 6 months ago.  When a user goes to a site, they expect to see information that is valid now.  If something changes at your company, updating the website should be a priority.  If there's a new press release, it should be available on the site.  If there's a change in the privacy policy, the changes should be there. When information on a site is old, the site is often thought of as 'dead' and its worth decreases.

Showcase New Content

Even if you're keeping things up to date, bring attention to what has been added or changed. If you want to engage your users, give them a reason to come back.

Offer a Unique Experience

Give your users a reason to come back. Whether it's news or content they'll want to read, new products they can research about and/or buy, new events you're putting on, or giveaways/promotions, a reason to come back will keep your audience talking about your site and coming back. The more people are talking about your site, the larger your audience will become.


Do you have any other ideas?


Content and Keeping your Webpage up to date is always important, but sometimes I think it becomes the main priority of the website. Personally, I think we need to look at who is going to be using the website, and what purpose does it hold. A few questions I would ask, would be.

Can Uses use this website Easily? or can the site be navigated. Once that is out of the way, Then I believe the content can fall into place.

Depending on the site and theme, Its always best to keep up to date with currtent events on the subject matter. There are plenty of sites and information on the web for any given subject, and being up to date on those, can help your site. Also, there are people out there, who like to hear other opinions(these are based on personal pages). For a business, I would say just keep it up to date, with what is going on in the business, as teh above statements have suggested.



Absolutely! Usability and purpose are extremely important as well.